Cookies? Why?

Due to updates to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, UK websites are now required to ask visitors for permission to use cookies.  Procore’s website uses cookies which aim to optimise the user experience. Please read on for information on what cookies are and how they are used.

Functional cookies

These kind of cookies remember the user’s preferences and previous visits. Think of chosen language, previously visited pages and auto filling URLS.

Performance cookies

Cookies which improve the user’s experience, speed and operation of our website so that it works as well as possible.

Analytical cookies

These are used to analyse and improve our website. Analytical cookies measure things like the number of visitors, browser used by the visitor and the duration of the visit.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are used when sharing articles or pages on social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

More information

Take a look at the ICO’s website for more information on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.