We love Client feedback!

Great Client Feedback!

For continuous improvement to work well we need good, honest and open feedback from our Clients and we’re lucky they’re all very positive about what we do and how we do it.  

What’s even better is when a Client sends us unsolicited feedback, and we received this last week.  It was great to share this with our team not only to reflect on a job well done but also to reinforce what we do and how we do.

Thanks to all our Clients, but especially this one!

“Just some reflections on how I would describe the uniqueness of Procore:

  • Industry expertise and insight
  • Seamless cultural alignment with the organisation
  • Trusted embedded advisor not a consultant
  • Solution support not simply report generation and advice
  • Ability to shepherd and maintain cohesion within the Client team from within;  during complex change
  • Adaptable approach to getting the most value out of ‘us'”

To give us some feedback or find out more about what we do, please contact Phil Ratcliffe.